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    Theatrical cut vs extended Which version are you perferring? The theatrical edition works perfectly, setting up its epic, large-scale climax with constant tension that hits its apex at just the right moment. Extras are small but the home release adds in a scene where the Squad, together, plans an escape from Flag, along with a sequence in which Harley attempts to psychoanalyze her teammates — offering viewers a bit more backstory or broad insight into each of the villains. Then think about how long it takes Stark to put the suit on and start flying for the first time. It was the most Extended-Edition of the Theatrical releases, if that makes sense. It demands more time and a deeper connection to its audience. For everyone else who see these as mere movies than their hobby, Jackson is spot on. We want to encourage and support in-depth intellectual discussions. It is an additional 28 minutes inserted into the movie, and adds a whole new subplot, which I personally like. MPAA requested cuts seem to become the defacto version, when in fact such cuts should only be valid for the US release of the film, not for international theatrical cut vs extended. Independence Day - The deleted scenes were cut for a reason. Planet Terror and Death Proof are both better films with the added scenes. I like that ending best. The Fellowship screenplay is very good, but the screenplays of the latter two LotR films are an incoherent mess and lack focus, and along with editing, the main reason I consider the LotR trilogy slightly inferior as a whole. Therefore any argument about a book-lover favoring the extended editions cannot be made in my case. The result is a plodding, aimless story that may be closer to the book, but lacks any of the excitement and drive of the theatrical edition. The Fellowship is a pretty coherent and well crafted film with an excellent tone. And for his inlaws. First, they contain way too much unmotivated action not found in the books - the book is 1200 pages long, and you really had to add pointless scenes? We spent a whole year theatrical cut vs extended to get the best possible cut. When the 40-Year Old Virgin DVD came out, I was totally disappointed. That said, while the extra 11 minutes of footage might have made a bloated cut as a theatrical release, the added scenes are a fun bonus for fans of DC and the Suicide Squad characters. There are more events which crawl along at times, yet for Tolkien, it works simply because the language is so god damn rich, and of course for the fact that the story is from the perspective of Hobbits, the laziest and most indulgent people in all of Middle Earth. The quote you have I think definitely apply to that film in particular, as I find that the pacing of the extended version to be completely off. NOTE: The following is not a revised Suicide Squad review read our fullnot a formal review of the Extended Cut, nor a review of home release special features or commentaries. Theatrical cut vs extended Again, I agree with you that at times these characters motivations are hazy in the theatrical cut, but I disagree that adding this extra exposition enhances the film. The pacing and tone of the films are consistent and sharp, whereas the extended cuts may be more faithful, they muck up both the pacing and many times the tone of specific acts. The scene, more than almost any other in the Extended Cut, will be a welcome addition — since the sequence charts a clearer thematic through-line for the pair. This is done in a particularly clever scene where the older tenant scratches out the bat symbol on a lottery card, which was a neat reveal. One scene should of been in the theatrical version. The extended cut in my opinion just adds more to the story. Is film a technical endeavor for you, or an emotional one?

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